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How to fix yahoo bugs

· Fix Yahoo Errors

Instant Methods to fix Yahoo Bugs

It's a little frustrating when you have to fix an error on a Yahoo Page. There are many different reasons for the error to happen, but the most popular is due to the use of Internet Explorer. If you are an IE browser user, then there are some ways that you can fix this error on your Yahoo page.

Items you will need
Internet access

Go to another page on other websites. Notice if the error is on any other page, in addition to the Yahoo! What are you trying to view? If so, you will have to scan the computer for viruses. You should already have some kind of antivirus software on your computer. If you can not see anything, you can go to the control panel.

Clear the cookies and the first folder cache. Click Start> Control Panel. Find Internet Options and a box requesting to delete files will open. Updated systems will allow you to eliminate everything that you should do. Check the error on a Yahoo! and see if it is yet there. If that does not work, go on to the next stage.

Check to understand what version of Internet Explorer you are using. If there is an updated version, it is suggested that you install it before going any moreover. Once the installation is finished, restart the computer. If the error on the Yahoo! it's yet there, so maybe it has some new Java.

Find the most advanced Javascript for your system. Install the latest version, but do not neglect to restart the computer. Go to Yahoo! and see if the error is still on the page. You have two choices now. Or send a message to Yahoo! or try a different browser.

Tips and warnings
Install Mozilla if you want to change the browsers. If you yet have problems, a system restores to an earlier date may resolve the problem but if still getting the same issue, in that case, you can take help of yahoo Support for quick help.

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