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How to Build Extra Secure Passwords for Your Emails | Social Media Etc.

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In Today's word all Social Networks, Shopping sites, Emails, etc Needs a strong password for security because many users have attached the card details to these sites.

Many Email users of Yahoo & Gmail look for Yahoo support, Gmail support or AOL Support because they don't update the password regularly or create an easy password that can be easily hacked by hackers.

Passwords are a questionable character and committed in recent years for their crimes in multiple services and their insecurity. We have to remember that the password is the principal obstacle we put in to stop the entrance of our profiles and services to third-parties.

Ultimate Tips Which Can Preserve You From Hackers, Illegal Attempts, etc

  • Always use a different password for every important service

Apply a different password for each online account that is essential to you. Autocrat can access your password and user of a site and try to use that username and password in a different account. Even big websites with great reputation experience from the theft of their password databases.

If you use the same password on several different sites, there is a higher chance that it will end is a list of stolen passwords, and the more accounts you have that password, the more data you can drop if the password was stolen.

Use with each account a password of excellent and proper strength will help you protect your data. Start now by securing your Google account with a unique password.

  • Always use a long and difficult password

All the passwords which you use should comply with the following commands:

Should have at least 8 characters.

The password must not be or contain the username to which it is connected, the real name of the user who uses it or the name of the business.

Neither should it be a common word or phrase.

Passwords must consist of letters from each and every one of the following groups:

  • Uppercase letters: A, B, C
  • Lowercase letters: a, b, c
  • Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Keyboard symbols (all keyboard characters that are not defined as letters or numbers) and spaces: ^ & * () _ - + = {} [] \ | :; "'<>,.? /`~! @ # $% 

If you make your password hard it will be more difficult for someone to imagine it, both for thieves and for your friends. We know this to be difficult: the average password is less than 8 characters and only contains letters.

One method to create strong passwords is to think of a phrase or statement that other people don't know and then use it to generate your password. For example, in the event of your email, you could think of a particular message like: “I would like to download the Google Hangouts program and the Macafee Antivirus from the Web” and then build the password with the numbers, symbols and first letters of each word to get something like: "Dfgtmm_S & AWDWDfdgf". You should not use phrases that are popular or themes of songs to make your passwords since almost all of us use the same phrases and what we want to achieve is to put in the password something that only you know.

Here it is necessary to explain that some services restrict the extension of the password, so in this case, we will be more limited.

  • Don't forget to keep your password in a secure area

The most popular idea why we all reuse passwords in many places is because of the fear of forgetting the space of passwords that services require. But if you have created too many passwords that are difficult to learn, it would not bother you to write them, but remember to leave them in a safe place that nobody has access to and you cannot lose them. If you prefer to use your passwords digitally, an excellent option is to find a good reliable password manager. Chrome and many other browsers have free password administrators, we also have independent options for these browsers. Take your time when picking a password manager and diversity information and user opinions of them, to see which one fits your needs.

  • Building further secure passwords with ASCII letters (Windows)

You can also make passwords that take long ASCII characters. The use of these characters helps in password security, by increasing the characters that we can enter in the password. We must ensure before using these ASCII characters, within our password, which is fitted with the programs we use in the domestic or work environment. Take proper care with ASCII if more than one operating system or different Windows versions are used in your work.

We will find the extended ASCII characters within the Character Map. Some of these ASCIIs should not be used in passwords. Do not use characters that do not have a keypress defined in the lower right corner of the Map dialog box.

  • Always establish a recovery option to recover your Email

Having an optional form of recoveries such as an email address or an alternate phone number gives the provider more options to contact you if one day you cannot reach your account. Having these recovery benefits updated is the best way to make sure you can re-enter your account quickly and efficiently if a problem occurs.

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