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How to disable the Yahoo account functionality for your account?

The Yahoo account key function permits you to log into your account without using a password. It is much safer than a password and can come in helpful if you don't remember passwords well.

When you initiate the Yahoo Account Key feature for your account, Yahoo sends information to your mobile that you must pass with one touch.

This way you can verify your account from entering without permission.

In this blog, we are going to post the steps to deactivate the Account Key feature of your Yahoo account. To do that, first, make assured that you are logged into your Yahoo account from your mobile app or Pc. Catch the steps below to log into your Yahoo account from a web browser:

  • Go to Yahoo Sign in Page then fill in your account identification data in the fields symbolized.
  • Click next and verify the notification on your account-compatible mobile device.
  • Touch the notification and pick Approve.

You are successfully logged into your Yahoo account. Now get started with the method if you want to disable the account key feature of your account.

  • Visit the Yahoo Account Security Page from your web browser, then pick Manage.
  • Just deactivate the key next to the name of your device or click on the Deactivate account key option to return to the password.
  • To deactivate the Account Key function from the Yahoo Mobile application, pick the Menu icon.
  • Choose the account key icon, and then touch the Manage account key.
  • Turn the toggle to the right before the name of your device or pick the Disable account key option at the bottom of the window.


We hope you understand the procedure of disabling the Yahoo account functionality, If you are still having problems with your Yahoo account or need help with your applications, then do not hesitate to call dedicated Yahoo customer support number.


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